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Zyndex is owned and ran primarily by myself, Charles Omer, although Zyndex works with many other businesses to gain experience and support when necessary.

I am a 18 year old student in Wickford (I have taken my GCSE's and I am now studying A Level's). I have had a interest and passion for technology and logic from a young age and here I have decided to put this to good use.

From around the age of 12 I began coding very basic and simple websites for my family and I. This kept me learning although I was no expert. At 14 I was introduced to Zypher which provides technical support and (just like me) Web development. I was given small projects to complete and I began to learn more complex languages, such as PHP and MySQL. With this inspiration, I decided to take things a bit further and create my own business. As a result, here is Zyndex!

At the age of 18 I have a good knowledge and understanding of many different types of programming languages (not just Web based). Which means I am able to create efficient and user friendly websites. Furthermore, I increase my understanding of various coding languages to enhance my ability by researching various information regarding website development and learning new code.

In addition to this, I have developed a extensive knowledge in sound and lighting technical areas. This means that I am able to supply professional party lighting and professional sound services for small and medium events. For more information please visit the entertainment page.

I am happy to talk to anyone interested or just offering advice, and will answer any questions you may have.

Charles Omer